TAALK has educational and support offerings for a variety of community segments. Our focus is to promote healthy discussions about the prevention of child sexual abuse that empower community members to take actions that intercede with potential abuse before it happens. We also strive to give direct and indirect survivors an opportunity to not only use their voice but to actually be heard. We not only have the ability to help survivors but we also have so much to learn from survivors.



  • Educate children about appropriate behavior and boundaries
  • Empower children to talk



  • Educate parents about grooming signs and actively managing access to their children
  • Empower parents to build prevention teams surrounding their children
  • Provide best-practices training


Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

  • Give them a voice to tell their story for healing, community education, and to inspire other survivors
  • Provide a platform for survivors to take back their power and actively engage in child protection
  • Local support groups
  • Online forums, blogs, and social media presence


Parents Whose Children Have Been Abused (Minor or Adult Children)

  • Let them know they are not alone and they can and will heal
  • Educate them on when and how to report, what to expect in the legal process
  • Provide a platform for parents to help other parents
  • On-line support groups
  • Online forums, blogs, social media


Youth-Serving Organizations (Schools, Daycare Centers, Faith Organizations, Sports Leagues, Boys & Girls Clubs, Etc.)

  • Educate regarding HR screening policies
  • Educate regarding boundary policies that intercede with grooming
  • Provide best-practices training


Medical Professionals (Doctors, Pediatricians, Therapists, Addiction Counselors, Etc.)

  • Educate regarding signs of abuse in children
  • Educate on child sexual abuse prevention boundaries within their practices
  • Educate on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues survivors face
  • Provide best-practices training


Legal Professionals (Law Enforcement, DAs, Attorneys, Judges, Etc.)

  • Educate on the mindset of offenders
  • Educate on the mindset of survivors
  • Educate on signs that a child is at risk in their own home
  • Educate on research associated with Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
  • Educate on the family court crisis (systemic trafficking of children)
  • Provide best-practices training


Minor Attracted Law Abiding Citizens - MALACs (Non-Offenders)

  • Provide a safe place within the community for people who are attracted to minors to talk about their feelings before they hurt a child
  • Educate mental health professionals to provide treatment for minor attracted non-offenders



  • Encourage mental health professionals to provide adequate treatment opportunities for those offenders who want it
  • Give remorseful offenders a voice to tell their story for healing, community education, and to inspire other offenders
  • Provide a platform for remorseful offenders to give back to community by actively engaging in child protection forums


Community Leaders (Mayor, City Counsel, Elected Leaders, Etc.)

  • Educate regarding current community condition and vital statistics
  • Assess what is working and areas for improvement in the community
  • Share what is working elsewhere in the world
  • Provide best-practices training


Responsible Community Members (Voters, Jurors, Bystanders, Etc.)

  • Educate community members on how current and future public policy impacts prevention
  • Empower community members to understand child molesters' behavior patterns and image management techniques
  • Inspire community members to be on-going consumers of child sexual abuse prevention education and to be outspoken bystanders


Service Organizations (Other Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Support Organizations)

  • Share with the world what's working
  • Give effective organizations a voice
  • Provide a venue for collaboration