On January 18, 2007, the voice and courage of one little girl changed the world...

That was the day my youngest daughter disclosed that she was being sexually abused by my ex-husband. That was the day that we understood for the first time why her older sister had been struggling with her health, concentration and school grades for years. That was the day that I realized that I was not alone and that I could finally talk about my abuse by a modeling teacher after 33 years. That was the day we began our search for other victims of my daughter's perpetrator and found others he had abused and others he was grooming. That was the day we began to see our life's work; a mission to save past, present and future victims of child sexual abuse; a mission to touch the lives and connect millions of people around the world who have been victimized and impacted by this horrible pandemic.

Who would have thought that a single moment of truth, a single sentence, a single decision to break the silence would have had such a profound impact on so many lives?

Every survivor, every offender and many non-offending parents, family members, friends and colleagues have similar moments of truth; a moment when they must decide whether to break the silence of their own abuse and begin their healing, a moment when they must choose to accept the consequences of their past actions and ask for help to stop abusing children, a moment when they must choose whether to believe a child or the obvious signs of abuse and take action to protect that child.

Child sexual abuse is predictable and preventable
when we surround children with
knowledgable and outspoken adults
and we ALL play a part in the solution.TM

Whether you've been directly or indirectly impacted by child sexual abuse or you're just a conscientious community member, today I present you with a moment of truth; today I'm asking you to commit to actively participate in our and programs. If you choose to participate you will learn to protect the kids in your life - if you choose to do nothing you will be contributing to the passive acceptance that allows this horrible pandemic to continue.

Child sexual abuse is a community problem but child sexual abuse prevention is a personal decision that will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children for generations to come.

On January 18, 2007, the voice and courage of one little girl changed the world...perhaps it's your turn.

Please join our worldwide network of people who are committed to spreading the word about the child sexual abuse pandemic and personally inviting their family, friends and acquaintances to join the movement.

I welcome you to our family and I'm incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity to touch your life.

With a healing heart,

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Diane Cranley
Founder and President
Talk About Abuse to Liberate Kids