Claim Full Restoration from the Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse

My home church, Mountain View Church, created and delivered a five week class called Live Free which covers some of the key elements of our Restoration Ministry work. I hope that you find these recorded classes helpful in supporting the restoration of survivors in your church body.

5 Week Course Objectives

  • Teach you to live free in the resurrection power of Christ
  • Equip you with the biblical truths of spiritual warfare
  • Empower you to walk in your new identity in Christ
  • Impart an understanding of what forgiveness is, what it is not,
    and how to use this powerful tool
  • Prepare you to allow Jesus to heal your wounds
  • Encourage you to stay free through gratitude and blessing

Class #3 - Forgiveness

This class will teach you the biblical truth about forgiveness - what it is and what it is not. You will be equipped to use forgiveness as a weapon to destroy enemy strongholds.

Class #5 - Gratitude and Blessing

Gratitude is one of the most powerful weapons available to dismantle the enemy's schemes and blessing others creates discernible shifts in the spiritual realm.